The Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under $4000

The ultimate bike has a short message for you- there is beauty in simplicity. Are you fidgeting like a steering axis unable to decide which bicycle you should pick? Do you have a budget to commit to but don’t want to compromise on the quality and robustness of your bike?

We have the perfect pick that will satisfy all your visions for a bike – The DiamondBlack Bicycles Mission Carbon Full Suspension Mountain Bike. Keep scrolling for a more comprehensive approach on this fantastic ride with a complete guide on specs and additional features.

Best full suspension mountain bike under 4000

The DiamondBlack Bicycle Mission Carbon Full Suspension Mountain Bike Review

It is easy to miss on the best choices among a bounty of options to choose from in the market. You might pass on the DiamondBlack Mountain Bike that could become your best investment. To save you from the regret of missing out, we will give to complete breakdown of why this bike is the best contender under a budget.

The DiamondBlack Mountain Bike is a package of genuine specs, cook looks, and robust usability. The bike promises around 180 millimeters of the front travel and 160 millimetres on the back. There were some sacrifices made to make the bike fall under a budget. If you have diligently high standards, the not-so premium suspension package might make your shy away. The fork will cry under the pressure after the stroke reaches its very last breath.

Having said that, this not a valid handicap since you can always add a charger damper. Charger dampers come in cheap at around $200. It still does fall not too far from the budget tree, so our economic reader should still stick around for the best full suspension mountain bike under 4000.

The suspension performs flawlessly under its given capacities, despite being an entry-level design. Since the front ride embarks on 180 millimetres, you might be expecting a more streamlined freeride experiences. That is not the case here; the performance is closer to an all-around disposition.

The DiamondBlack does not push speed as its dominant feature. Instead, it’s about the comprehensive manuals and keeping on the lookout for the exhilaration. The design of the back end of the bike is rather minimal and stealthy, which gives you a satisfying snap. These 430 millimeters back end is perfect for riding on trails with a better intuition as a rider.

We could appreciate the carbon matte body of the bike that is enamored with its classic details. The cable routing is neat and precise, while the logo on the bike is one of the most striking add-ons. There is a lack of a bottle cage mount on the bike, and it’s a bit puzzling because the bike has enough room to incorporate one.

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  • Quality level link and suspension platforms
  • Neat and unclutter cable routing
  • High quality and durable RockShox Super Deluxe breaks
  • Attractive carbon matte framing with striking logos.


  • Absence of a bottle cage mount
  • The RockShox Yari Fork can supply limited output in one ride
  • Size limitation- only available into three sizes: small, medium, and large. This might make some riders feel restricted.

Our Verdict

With the DiamondBlack bike mission carbon full suspension, our budget-friendly readers will find priority given more to the economy than the performance. The bike serves a quandary where you are left to choose between the fantastic framing or the average suspension. It purely depends on you, and what is more of value to your future endeavors.

 The bike has an undeniable appeal, and there several minimal upgrades that can be added for a smoother performance. With this bike from Mission, you will surely have a more personalized experience while you are out there on the trails.

Currently the Mission Carbon Bikes are out of stock in Amazon, The best alternative is Diamondback Bicycles Catch Full Suspension Mountain Bike

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