New bikers ought to try the Schwinn Men’s High Timber Mountain Bike – Review

The Schwinn Men’s High Timber Mountain bike offers an entry level rider a design that is sturdy on multiple terrains and comes in a grey or a white color. The frame is made of steel which is a bit heavier than other aluminum models, yet it will resist rust much better namely in the colder climates. This Schwinn High Timber mountain bike review starts with it coming equipped with a SR Suntour front suspension fork that assists the biker with absorbing the rougher on and off road trails.

Schwinn Mountain bike

Schwinn Mountain Bikes – Tech Specs

  • Size – 18 Inch / Medium
  • Frame Material – Steel
  • Suspension Type- Front Suspension
  • Gears – 21 Speed
  • Available Colors – White & Grey

Standard Tires so use caution

This bike is suitable for casual riding, the grey color bike comes with 29 inch size wheels and white color bike comes with 27.5 inch size wheels. Since these are lighter tires, one can accelerate a lot quicker than with the larger mountain bike tires. Caution should be taken upon taking on obstacles such as off road hills since these lighter tires will not take on the rougher surfaces and could cause damage to the wheel.

Adjustable seat with standard gears

If one is purchasing the bike for multiple riders, the bike saddle has a quick release so there will be no issues adjusting the seat to suit their height. Riders will be able to shift with ease since the Schwinn High Timber Mountain bike is installed with SRAM gripped gears. The bike has 21 gears which is more than an enough for a casual in the neighbourhood. This mountain bike is safe with the linear brakes.

Schwinn High Timber – Safety driven bike

The alloy linear pull brakes allow the rider a smooth stop whether sudden or if one had plenty of time to come to a complete stop. The bike comes shipped with most of it already intact.

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Personally would recommend this mountain bike since it can be purchased at a reasonable price which is important when one is just starting out riding to gage an interest level in biking.

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