Depending on the nature of the ride and need, various types of bicycles are available in the market. Each of these bikes has its very own characteristics, design, and benefits. In this informative article, the functionalities use, and specifications of the three most popular bicycles will be discussed by providing basic comparisons between them.

Mountain Bikes

The Mountain Bicycles are designed for riding on the rough paths with wider tires. Most commonly, these bikes have 24, 26, 27.5 and 29 inches wide knobby tires which make the riders to ride even in sandy soil also through obstacles. The Mountain bikes are the top-selling bikes in most bike shops as they provide great comfort to riders at a cheap cost. These bikes are designed with flat handlebars, wider tires with rugged frames. It takes the riders to rocky mountain paths with the availability of the suspension systems, which act as shock absorbers and ensure riders with a very safe and comfortable ride.

Bikes having front suspension are said to be hardtails while the bikes having front and rear suspension are said to be duallies or a full suspension bike. If the mountain bikes don’t have any suspension, then it is known as rigid. Riding this mountain bike on the road and even on trails will not have negative effects on the bicycle. Mountain bikes can also be identified as fat bikes with fatter tires. These mountain bikes are available in the market with different price ranges and attractive colors.

Road Bikes

Road Bike

The Road Bicycles are flexible bikes that are specifically designed for fast riders on smooth terrains. It is manufactured to ride on roads with skinny tires and drop handlebars. Road bikes are perfect for various uses like long rides, fitness rides, tour rides and even for races. These are light bikes and are not suitable for carrying high loads so they are not recommended for commuting / touring.

With this light-weighted bicycle, riders can ride in the aerodynamic position and can have a fast ride with great energy efficiency. It is also available with a lot of riding and hand positions when compared to the bikes with flat bars. With large thin tires, it helps to glide over the road with great speed and efficiency with little effort. Therefore, it will be a perfect choice if a rider chooses a long ride on superior surfaces. For an added advantage, these bikes are available in different sizes for different sizes of riders.

BMX Bikes 

BMX Bike

BMX bikes are nothing but Bicycle Motor Cross bicycles, popular freestyle bikes with affordable prices, which are specifically designed for dirt racing, street riding, and ramps. Because of its small size, it is more popular among kids.  It can also be used among adults because of its unique style and stunt riding. It is more similar to a sports vehicle as it rides around a short dirt track.

More often, BMX refers to a single-speed bicycle with the twenty-inch wheel. These bikes are more suitable for jumps and tricks as it is very robust and has high durability. It is not suggested for commuting as it is designed with a low seat position.  However, this low seat position is not an issue with children. BMX bike will be great for beginners to develop bike handling skills. With the availability of small-sized wheels, it is very responsive and snappy.

Comparison of Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, and BMX Bikes

Road Bikes


Mountain Bikes


BMX Bikes


Road bikes are designed for road races for fast riders on paved roads.

Mountain bikes are the most flexible bikes available with different gear speeds.

BMX bikes are a robust bike designed for street racing.

Suitable for smooth terrains.

Suitable for all terrains.

More suitable for kids as they have compact frames


Road bikes use strong frames with 29 inches smooth tires.


Mountain bikes provide good traction on rough terrain with fat knobby tires with a diameter of 29 inches / 27.5 inches


On a single-speed bike, BMX  uses large knobby tires with a diameter of 20-inches.


The unique feature of road bikes is its speed and aerodynamics. These bikes are greatly suggested to athletes as they provide top speeds.



Mountain bikes enable the riders to change the suspension as per the need with the help of dual or front suspension. In more rough terrains, the dual suspension is used by the riders.


BMX bikes are small bikes with small light weighted frames. Though the frames are highly durable to last great speed.


In Road bikes, the pedals skinny tires in such a way as to move only in the forward direction which drives the rider to continue pedaling to ensure the spinning of the back wheel.

Designed with flat handlebars and wider tires with rugged frames, which suit all surfaces.


In BMX bikes, pedals can move in the backward direction as the back wheel is free. Also, it allows the rider to move without pedaling.

Road bikes are not manufactured with brakes or multiple gears. It is designed with a single fixed-gear mechanism, which provides single chainring in front and single gear in the back.

Mountain bikes are available up to 30 gears with a triple chainring mechanism. This allows riders to select their courses.

To ensure riders with a great start and high speed, BMX is set with a single gear.

Tall wheels and skinny tires reduce friction.

Mountain bikes are very expensive and avail with disc brakes, which ultimately allow riders to provide better stopping power when compared to padded brakes. Also, disc brakes suit perfectly on dirty, muddy even on wet terrains.

BMX bikes are available with rear padded brakes.