Montague Paratrooper Mountain Folding Bike Review

Mountain biking is an enthralling experience as satisfies your adventure streak and brings you closest to the nature. The entire fun and thrill associated with Mountain Biking depends on the quality and the strength of the bike you choose for you expedition. Since mountain terrains are difficult to ride on, a bike with all requisite features and necessary comfort is of prime importance.

Amongst the wide variety of mountain bikes available in the market the Folding Bike seems like a great product. Let’s divulge into this bike varied features.

Montague Paratrooper Bike


The Montague Paratrooper Bikes are equipped with some amazing features, which makes this bike a preferred choice for mountain bikers. The various features of this bike are:

  • The bike is made of very good quality material, giving it great strength.
  • It is equipped with a Clever Integration of the Patented CLIX System, which allows easy folding.
  • Montague Bikes have 24 speed options.
  • The bike has rear and front mechanical disc brakes to its credit.
  • The patented folding system is strengthened by a sturdy frame.
  • The construction design is based on Folding Integrated Technology.
  • These bikes have a wheel width of 26 inches.

This bike was initially designed; keeping in mind the immediate combat requirements of the airborne soldiers and hence have a great patented folding design, strength and durability.


A detailed insight into the features of Montague Folding Bike brings to light such aspects of this product which gives it a distinct image of an amazing mountain bike:

  • The Montague Bikes sport a comprehensive patented folding design in its construction. This helps in making the entire folding process a cake-walk.
  • Since the bike can be folded to a very compact size, they are a portable choice (easy to carry and store).
  • The designing and quality of the product gives it immense strength, durability and load bearing capabilities.
  • The Folding Integrated technology makes these bikes a great choice for downhill biking.
  • While folding these bikes the frames do not break, hence making this bike the strongest folding bike.
  • The suspension system is amazing and thus reduces the intensity of jerks while biking on mountains.
  • They are a flexible choice and can be used with ease by every-day commuters and warriors alike.
  • The bike has 24 speed options and this gives it a hi-tech feel and wide usage in all conditions.

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  • This bike has a low handlebar and this leads to discomfort while biking.
  • The bike is designed in a way that maximum weight is borne by the front of the bike, this leads to greater pressure on suspension and hence reduced velocity.

Why choose this bike?

The Montague Bikes are a good choice for people who are looking for a bike which can be easily tucked in their car boots and sport a good quality. This bike is rated as one of the best mountain bikes under $1000. This product with its enticing speed features and weight bearing capacity is a delight for mountain bikers and commuters, alike. The bike is a delight to ride and is quite light in weight, giving to its users a good combination of durability, strength and ease of use.

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Final conclusion

The Montague Paratrooper Review sums up in a big affirmation. This bike a great choice for bikers looking for portable option to ride on, while on the mountain hike. A durable and sturdy bike which can be used on almost any terrain, this bike is an amazing choice.



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