Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike, 26-Inch Wheels Review

The Mongoose Dolomite Sport fat tire bike is a very affordable fat tire bike with great technical features and performance. This best fat tire mountain bike is available in supersized all-terrain knobby tires. If you are looking for a Fat Tire Bike for occasional ride adventure through rough surfaces, then this Mongoose Dolomite will be the perfect choice for you. Simply, Mongoose is nothing but a Fat Tire Bike with unbeatable performance that always provides you comfortable riding.

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Product Description: 

  • The Mongoose Dolomite Sport fat tire bike model available in small i.e., 15” which is suitable for riders with body height of 5’ – 5’5”. Similarly, for the riders of 5’5” – 5’9”, a medium-sized model of 17” will be a great op. Also, the large-sized models are recommended for riders of 5’8” – 5’11”.
  • The 26-inch Mongoose Dolomite bikes are manufactured with alloy, both for the frame and the strong fork that can lodge up to 4.5” of tires. More specifically, this model made of 26” x 4” tires on rims of 80mm capacity with cutouts to reduce weight.
  • The main features observed in the review of mongoose dolomite are its large and wide 26” x 4” Kenda Juggernaut terrain knobby tires, alloy wheel pair along with disc brakes.
  • This Mongoose fat tire mountain bike features 27-speed along with Shimano Acera/Alivio drivetrain and Altus shifters which provides you perfect shifting within wide gear ranges on different surfaces that you ride along.
  • This Mongoose Dolomite is very easy to make adjustments with the availability of thread-less headset as per your requirement. It also comes along with a stylish steel mountain bike frame and beach cruiser pedals.
  • You can ride very smoothly through difficult terrain as the frame is light weighted and is paired with mammoth-sized tires. You can roll over snow or sand with a low inflation rate with the help of this 26″ mongoose dolomite bike.
  • Among very few budgeted models of fat tire bikes available in the market, a hydraulic disc brake feature is a rare scenario. Our mongoose dolomite fat tire mountain bike manufactured with this great specialty of hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors both front and back. 
  • Usually, you can expect mechanical disc brake on this kind of budget model, but with hydraulic brake system is really a unique worthy feature of our mongoose dolomite fat tire bike. With this braking system, you can stop safely, even in moist and dangerous conditions.
  • The right gear for each climb can be selected with 3×9 Shimano drivetrain which is paired with a Sunrace 11-36t cassette.
  • The Mongoose Dolomite fat tire mountain bike is the best budget fat bike for you to ride on the tough terrains like snowy, rocky, icy, muddy and rainy surfaces.

Fat Tire Bike Features: 

The features of the best fat tire mountain bike are listed as follows for your better understanding:  

  • Tires: The wider tiers of 26-inch x 4-inch Kenda Juggernaut is available.
  • Size: Our Mongoose Dolomite is available in 3 different sizes Small-15-inch, Medium-17 inch, and Large-20 inch for your greater convenience.
  • Frame:Stylish steel made of full alloy frame with 190mm QR of 26 inches.
  • Gears:Performance speed of 27 (3×9) with Shimano M-379 shifters is available
  • Rims: The rim of our Mongoose Dolomite is 80mm wide with cutouts
  • Brakes:A unique Hydraulic disc brake with 180/180mm rotors is considered an important feature of Mongoose Dolomite.
  • Fork:Provided with a rigid fork made of full alloy with 190mm spacing
  • Weight: Weight of Mongoose Dolomite is 45.0 pounds
  • Overall Dimensions:16 inches (Height) x 7.87 inches (Width) x 55.9 inches (Length)
  • Chain material: the bicycle chain material is made of steel
  • Rim material: The Mongoose Dolomite Rims are made of Aluminum Material
  • Pedal material: The pedals are made of steel and resin materials.
  • Seat material: The Mongoose Fat Tire bike seat material is made of Polypropylene material.

Benefits of Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike:

As a rider, you can greatly enjoy many benefits of the Mongoose Dolomite Bike. The main aim of this bicycle is to give worth value for your money and to enhance your riding experience. Now, let us share some of the enjoyable merits of the Mongoose Dolomite

  • The assembling process of this bike is very simple and fast. To start enjoying your ride, you just need to do a few minor tweaks to the bike derailleur and front disk brake.
  • Another merit you can experience will be comfortable riding due to the wide tires present in this model.
  • A bike chain is placed in an extraordinary method which ultimately prevents you from trapping. Also, this Mongoose Dolomite will offer you a safe riding experience by preventing you from falling off the bicycle when you are riding at high speeds.
  • This heavyweight bike and is not specifically made for riding competition. Its heavy weight makes it a perfect choice for big and heavy users.
  • Another benefit of the bike is its adaptability. This is one of the quality fat tire bikes that you can buy at very affordable cost without compromising your quality.
  • The stability of Mongoose Dolomite will be an added advantage of your ride, providing greater stability with small tires at low cost when compared to other bikes in the market.
  • The stable braking system is worthy to mention as one of the benefits of Mongoose Dolomite. The stable braking system means you will enjoy a greater safety level. This makes you have control of the bike even in case of emergency.
  • With the availability of little beast – a multi-functional mobility tool, you can ride through various climatic conditions like snow, beach, sand, etc. This makes you travel even through difficult terrains.
  • The Mongoose Dolomite bike is also manufactured with a frame and handlebar which allows you to easily use and handle.


  • A great choice of different terrains
  • Provide you more safety ride
  • Very cheap and best quality fat tire bike
  • Available with user-friendly frame and handlebar
  • Provided with a thread-less headset for easy adjustments
  • Provided with a secure chain system


  • Despite many benefits, the Mongoose Dolomite fat tire bike is still having its own weakness.
  • It is a bit heavy bike, but it is not a serious concern as it is not designed for competitions.
  • The front, noisy braking system as per some user complaints.
  • At times the change shifter may tune itself automatically, and you may need to fix out the problem


The Mongoose Dolomite 26″ Men’s Bike is the best affordable bike that offers high riding performance with the ultimate biking experience. With this Mongoose Men’s bike, tuning of gears to tackle hills and other inclines is no problem, as it works with twist shifters to provide more control over the gears.

This Mongoose Dolomite Men’s fat tire bike is available in a different range of colors. This stylish cool bike with bright navy blue or red colors will look so proud to have a ride on it. Our Mongoose Dolomite will be suitable for people of various heights as this comes in 38-inch tall. Also, it is one of the bikes available on the market, which are the easiest to assemble. On the whole the Mongoose Dolomite bike guarantees you a great ride through difficult terrains like mountains, roads, and sand with great stability and comfort.

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