Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Bike Review

This review is for the Gravity FSX 1.0. I found the Gravity FSX 1.0 dual full suspension bike to be more bike than the sticker price was offering! I took the bike out for a test drive to see if this was really the one for me after doing some thorough research on the net. It definitely is one of the best mountain bikes that I have found for under $500.

Amazing Features of Gravity FSX 1.0

Gravity FSX Bike

This bike, with it’s disc brakes and smoothing shifting capacity was a great ride on some pretty rough terrain! It’s lighter than I thought it would be which was perfect! The dual full suspension was stiff but with enough adjustment that I could play around with it till I got it to where I was comfortable with it.

Gravity Bikes – Upgradeable

The fact that the Gravity FSX 1.0 dual full suspension bike was upgradeable was a strong feature that made me even look at it.

Gravity Mountain Bikes – Size

The size of the bike was a solid selling feature as well. I would recommend this bike for anyone on the taller size (6’0” and over). I am taller and the bike fit me quite well. I’ve been on other bikes where I felt unsure of the handling capacity but this bike left me feeling sturdy and sure of where I wanted to go. It also gave me the reassurance of a heavier bike. You’ll most see that you easily get more than you paid for with this bike!

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The Suntour fork is probably the biggest weakness on this bike. The only thing holding the top and bottom sections of the fork together is a single bolt. I also thought the pedals could be of better value. I ride hard and needed to swap out the pedals to withstand the terrain I ride in. The fact that it is a great ride that I am comfortable on makes up for all that.

Overall Review

Bottom line this bike is a winner! I would highly recommend this to not only a beginner but an advanced rider as well. You can’t beat the price on the Gravity FSX 1.0. Over time, you may want to upgrade certain parts and you don’t feel like you’re breaking the bank in doing so because of the awesome sticker price!

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