Evoc Bike Travel Bag Review

Flying with a bike is a breeze these days due to a variety of dedicated bike travel bags that are designed to safeguard your valuable ride. While a cardboard bike box is also an option, a dedicated bag ensures a more pleasant journey.

You may have tried a variety of travel bags, experiencing the pros and cons of each. For example, hard bags ensure maximum protection at the cost of weight. This has a high chance to end up with more fees at the airline counter, as most airlines have a limit of 50lb for a bike.

Sadly, a majority of hard bags cross this limit with just a bike inside. On the other hand, soft bags are much lighter but do not offer protection equivalent to hard cases. The lightest option is a cardboard box but is subject to tear, which is the opinion in any authentic bike travel bag review.

Most bikers need a mountain bike travel bag that is lightweight even after packing a few things with the bike, ensures sufficient protection, has wheels and is easy to pack. This is again where this Evoc bike bag can prove itself. So, here is a comprehensive Evoc bike bag review.

The Salient Features of Evoc Bike Bag

Evoc Bike Travel Bag ReviewThis canvas-cum-plastic bike bag for air travel weighs less than 20 pounds and comes with good protection features for defending your bike in different situations. It takes not more than 15 minutes to pack.

This bag comes with wheel compartments and small pockets for storing skewers, pedals, and tools. You can pack shoes, clothes, and nutritional shakes without increasing its overall overweight.

It is suitable to carry this bag in a train, plane, or in a vehicle. You can safely and easily store any type of bike including downhill, freeride, and cross country. It is made to carry mountain as well as road bikes of all sizes including wheel sizes.

So, what makes this bag this versatile or adorable? Well, they are the features. Let’s explore them.

Robust Design

This is perhaps the most loved feature of this fag. The Evoc bike travel bag is designed truly well. The smoothly gliding zips with a large gauge and additional small grippers on them. The plastic rails ensure that the bag stays sturdy at the base.

The wheels are also strong. They are affixed such that they do not come off in any condition. Then, there are plastic fillers that prevent cracking, which is otherwise common in some luggage bags.


The Evoc bike travel bag is quite agile due to its low and high pull handles on the front. With these handles, it is truly comfortable to lift the bag.

Stability and Protection

Within the bad, some useful pockets at the rear and on the side prevent the tools and pedals from flying about. Further, there are many handlebar and frame straps that affix to loops inside the bag, which are flexible enough to fulfill your needs.

At the bottom, a Velcro-secured box enables the chainstays to sit atop for safeguarding the bike and retaining stability inside. Stability of the bag also comes from removable plastic rods that keep the bike travel bag upright while packing. To fold the bag, you simply need to remove these rods.

Then, ample of padding exists in the right corners for maximum protection to the bike. There is a foam pad to defend the bottom bracket area.


The wheels are large and take care of distributing weight rearward, which makes hauling a breeze. They handle rough surfaces easily.

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  • Size: 128 x 27 x 78 cm within and 136 x 39 x 80 cm outside
  • Capacity: 280 l
  • Weight: 18.7 pounds
  • Folding Up To: 136 x 39 x 25 cm
  • Supported Bikes: Triathlon, endure, XC, road bike, FR, DH, and up to 29” bikes
  • Compartments: Two wheel compartments on the side accommodating even smaller parts
  • Handles: Yes
  • Undercarriage: Wide and steady
  • Wheels: Replaceable
  • Zipper: Lockable
  • Max Wheel Base: 122 cm
  • Materials:  P600/D PU coated, woven PE, and EVOC tarpaulin (waterproof)
  • Frame Cushion Pad: Yes
  • Struts: Toughened to avert penetration

What to Like

  • Light and portable
  • Sturdy
  • Spacious
  • Stable and secure grasp
  • Easy to pack and store
  • Ample of protection for the bike
  • Precise instructions
  • Silent and smooth wheel movement

What Not to Like

  • Somewhat sagging from atop
  • Medium price

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The best bike travel bags are the ones that pack up easily, are light in weight, protect your bike, and are portable enough to ensure hassle-free haulage. Well, one such option to consider is the Evoc bike travel bag ideal for long distance traveling.

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