Beiou Toray T700 Review – Perfect For Any Terrain

Bicycles are always fun. When you were a kid or even after you are all grown up, the joy of riding a cycle will never subside. Joy of owning the best one is even better and we find Beiou bicycles to be one of the best bikes available in the market. The Beiou mountain bikes are very reliable and comfortable to ride for long number of hours.

Beiou T700 Review

This bike is loaded with a number of features that makes it an attractive option for those who love cycling.

Beiou Mountain Bike

Beiou Bicycles Features

  • Made of T700 carbon fiber frame, thus making the cycle very strong yet light
  • It has a dual brake system that ensures the safety of the rider even in wet conditions
  • The brakes work well both in dry and wet conditions
  • This carbon MTB has 27 different speeds and can be easily changed as required
  • Soft and flexible tires, enabling the usage of these bicycles on rough terrain

Beiou Carbon Fiber Specs:

  • Available Colors – Black, White, Yellow, Red, White Green, White Orange, White Red,  White & Black
  • Frame Material – BEIOU Carbon Fiber
  • Gears – 27 speed
  • Brake Style – Disc Brake
  • Fork – Hydraulic Suspension Fork
  • Wheel Size – 26″
  • Available Frame Size – 15″/17″

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Here are some of the top reasons why this bike is a great buy:

  • It is light weight and can be carried around easily and riding it will also not require much effort
  • Though it is not fully assembled, you need not use any tools to fix it up
  • The Beiou carbon fiber makes the bicycle very sturdy and durable. Thus can be used on rough terrains without any damages
  • The thick 26 inches wheel helps in riding better on rough terrains as it can take the pot holes and bumps better


No product is free of flaws. This product too has a few negatives:

  • The bike does not come fully assembled. Hence it requires some time and effort to fix it up, before you can take it for a ride
  • Thought the bike has many features, the brand is not very well known.
  • The suspension is in the front, thus making it hard to sit without hurting yourself, when used on rough terrains.

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Though offered by a not very well known brand, this light weight, easy to assemble bicycle can add on to the joy of cycling. Just looking at the photo of the bicycle cannot help you decide. This Beiou t700 review can help you make the perfect choice as it covers both the good and the bad about the bicycle.

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