An Explicit Nashbar 29er Mountain Bike Review

Mountain biking is a gruesome task owing to the treacherous trails of the mountains, under such conditions having a bike with a good grip and durable components holds very important. A right bike with great features can help you make the most out of your mountain biking experience.

Bike Nashbar 29er with its amazing features has come out as the preferred choice for basic mountain adventures, a detailed review which follows will show why?

Bike Nashbar 29er ReviewDescription

If you are looking to hit the Mountains with great ease and stylebikenashbar is the product for you. This bike with its affordability and great sturdiness is a favourite among mountain bikers and has been rated with a 4.5 star ranking among its users.

  • This bike has a steel hardtail 29er MTB frame.
  • Sports a Shimano 7 –Speed drive train and hence a choice of great number of gears.
  • The Nashbar 29er is equipped with 29inch broad and sturdy tires.
  • The body has a steel frame to its credit.
  • This bike has Alloy V- brakes with a precise shifting function.

A real mountain bike this 29er mountain bike has almost all the features which one looks for in a mountain bike. The product is made keeping in mind the ultimate comfort of the biker and hence makes for an enjoyable riding experience on the mountains.


While undertaking the bike Nashbar review many facets of this bike made it stand out amongst its contemporaries. The features which make this bike muster a great customer review are:

  • This bike has a great affordability.
  • The option of 7-speed train provides the biker with great drive on flats and enough power for the most towering mountain trails.
  • The fat 29inch tyre’s fitted on the Nashbar 29er, gives to this bike a sturdy feel and a great grip of the ground, making the bike climb obstacles with ease.
  • The perfectly fitted steel frames, provide to this bike the much needed durability and stiffness.
  • The precise shifting Alloy-V braking system, makes for an excellent braking system and thus gives greater confidence to the biker while riding on dangerous landscapes.
  • The assembly of its various components is quite easy.
  • The steel hardtail makes this bike highly durable and incredibly dependable.
  • This bike also has a commendable trail feedback.
  • This 29er Mountain Bike, apart from awesome features and quality also has an enticing look to its credit.
  • A reliable company brand associated with this bike gives it an edge over other bikes.

With such a vast array of enthralling features this bike is definitely an enticing choice and holds great promises for mountain bikers.

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  • This bike comes without any assembly instructions.
  • The bike is very heavy and thus may cause discomfort to rider.

Why choose 29er mountain bike?

Nashbar 29er has a superb quality and durability, making this bike great for mountain biking. The sturdiness of its tyre’s and the speed changing options give it that extra edge. All this at an affordable price makes this bike suitable for bikers who want a basic, affordable and safe mountain adventure. The bike comes with a choice of 16, 18, 20, 22 inches variations and hence provides for a flexible array of options to choose from (according to the need).

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Final conclusion

The explicit Bike Nashbar Review brings out the conclusion- that this bike with its sturdiness, grip, bountiful speed options, and awesome tyre strength is an enticing choice for basic mountain adventures at a very affordable price. It is one of the best mountain bikes under $500. So all in all a thumbs up for this bike equipped with almost every feature for an enthralling mountain adventure.

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