Aluminum Fat Bikes with Powerful Disc Brakes Gravity Monster Men’s Fat Tire Bicycle 26″ X 4.0

Aluminum fat bikes with Powerful Disc Brakes Gravity Monster Men’s Fat Tire Bicycle are affordable fat-tire bikes with great withstanding capability over rough terrains. The main merit includes large 26×4 inch knobby tires with powerful disc brakes.

Product description

  • The Gravity Bullseye Monster fat tire bike will admire more riders. It is available in various sizes out of which you can opt for one that perfectly suits your height.
  • The simple size calculation strategies as per the rider’s height are

14” size suits 5’4″ to 5’7″ riders,

16” is for 5’7″ to 5’10” riders,

18″ suits 5’10” to 6’0″ riders,

 20″ suits 6’1″ to 6’3″ riders, and

22″ suits 6’3″ to 6’6″ riders.

  • The Gravity Bullseye Monster manufactured along with perfect specs and aluminum alloy makes it as ultimately a heavyweight champion on performance base analytics.
  • It is more tolerant and strong enough to face shocks, bumps in the fat tires with the pairing tactics of the alloy frame with a rigid alloy form.
  • The Tektro Novela disc brakes have the efficiency to provide power and precision. The Superior 16 Speed SRAM Drivetrain Components allow you to pedal at the desired rate in all weather conditions. The speed will be very fast and precise too.
  • It is always great to calculate the performance of your fat bike. In the smooth surface, your running pressure will be less than 2 psi with 5 inch wide tires. In a rough or rocky area, the usage of more pressure will increase the tire support, speed and enhance the handling of the bike.
  • The Gravity Bullseye Monster Fat Bike works with a very simple concept i.e, the larger and wider the tires you choose, the more crush on your ride. This wide tire gives a large float over snow and sand. The speed will be faster than you will ride on tough surfaces like muddy, sandy and snowy surfaces.
  • Men’s fat tire bike rims are single-wall, with a layer of material on the rim. These single-wall rims, allows you to watch out the rim tape which bulges out because of the tube pressure. Also, these are available in the market with different attracting colors.
  • The aluminum fat bikes are the best cheap fat bikes because they have a weight of 50 pounds and cannot be easily blown away by wind and will not slip on mud or wet surfaces. On average, most fat bikes weigh ranges from 30 to 40 pounds. The greater the weight the more grip you will be having in ride surfaces.
  • Aluminum Fat Bikes are great to ride even in rough conditions like snow, rain, mud and provide you more traction because of wider tires that take you anywhere.
  • These bikes are difficult to miss, especially when you are searching for winter means of travel as they support you to travel more easily on snow and icy area making them ideal.
  • While choosing any kind of bike, frame material is a factor. In the case of fat bikes, rigidity and weight are the most important factors.
  • Men’s fat bikes are made of Aluminum frame as aluminum is still considered the best stiffness providing alloy. Therefore, many the tires, ranging from low to mid-price, are of aluminum.
  • If the frame material is steel, then it gives you more weight and lacks neat finish as like carbon or aluminum.


  • Gravity Monster Men’s Fat Tire cycle is a perfect Strong Aluminum Fat Bike with great quality.
  • Brakes: Enabled with Powerful Tektro Disc brakes in front and rear with 160/160mm rotors.
  • Gears: Gravity Monster Men’s Fat Tire Bicycle having Superior 16 Speed (2×8) SRAM Drivetrain Components and Shimano Alivio.
  • Tires: Provided with High Traction Super Wide 26 x 4.0 Tires, which takes you nearly anywhere.
  • Frame: Aluminum alloy 6061 TIG welded and disc mounted frame gives you better durability and will tolerate all climatic conditions.
  • Available sizes: Aluminum Fat Bikes are available in 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″ sizes.
  • Rim Size: Men’s fat tire bike gives you a rim size of 26″ x 32H 80mm alloy with big cutouts.
  • Fork:Manufactured with rigid 26″ CrMo with thread-less steerer of 1.125″


  • This Men’s fat tire bike is made up with wide knobby tires
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • It is a cost-effective fat tire bike, i.e., low budget fat bike
  • Ideal for rides in the hard and rough terrain
  • Ride well and handle poor trail conditions without a hitch
  • Well-made Aluminum frame with decent components.


  • The seat may find uncomfortable to some
  • This Aluminum Fat Bike is a bit heavy
  • Relatively narrow handlebar
  • Tires are pretty tough
  • The cable may break in case of heavy rides.


Finally, if you want to experience an enjoyable mountain biking in the winter with great surprises then Gravity Monster Men’s Fat Tire Bicycle is a great choice. Unfortunately, fat-tire bikes are a bit costly; therefore, if you are thinking of buying a high-end fat bike, then you could buy one at a few thousand dollars.

But, if you need to buy one that suits your budget, a worthy choice for your surprise will be Gravity Monster Men’s Fat Tire Bicycle. It will be the perfect pick for a  very good and cheap fat tire bike. They offer you a safe ride on rough, muddy, or even snowy terrain and ensure sports lovers with good workout even on snowy surfaces. Gravity Monster requires less maintenance and considered a great choice for beginners for travel needs.

These bikes are safer than normal bikes as it provides you more grip, contact surface. Also, because of possessing more weight it cannot be easily blown away by wind and would not slip on mud or wet surfaces.

Buying and riding a fat bike is not only about performance enhancement, but also about indulging yourself in a simple pleasure. This review guide on Fat bike will allow you to gain great support while choosing the best one, which ultimately suits your needs.

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