4 Best Mountain Bikes For Women

Women who love adventures need a bike that can keep up with them. Long gone are the dark days when bikes were only designed for men. These women mountain bike reviews prove that bikes are now made taking into account the needs and preferences of ladies. If you are on the lookout for a mountain bike, here is a list of the best four affordable bikes.

Best Mountain Bikes for Women Under $1000

1. Diamondback Bicycles – Laurito Hardtail Complete Mountain Bike For Women

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This Diamondback bike is the ideal choice for all those people who want one that’s both sturdy and reasonably priced. This hardtail mountain bike for women is high quality and can handle a rocky trip quite well. It gets plus points for being lightweight with an aluminum build, although this very reason gives the other bikes extra points for being more heavy-duty and suitable for rough terrain.

Main features of Laurito Hardtail

This Diamondback mountain bike for women has an aluminum frame. This means that the bike is durable and can withstand wear and tear along with being lightweight. Paired with the 27.5-inch larger wheels, this makes for a smooth ride on a tricky surface. The width of the tires is quite big which helps the bike move fast. Not only does this factor improve speed, but it also makes it easy to drive in mountainous areas. The design is sleek and with a wide saddle whose height can be adjusted, comfort is optimum as well.

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• Step through aluminum frame that’s heat treated
• Replaceable derailleur hanger comes with the frame
• Shimano 7-speed rear derailleurs with triple chain rings
• Frame eyelets that allow mounting fenders and racks
• 27.5-inch wheels
• Wide saddle for a comfortable biking experience
• Linear rim brakes for ease

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2. 26″ Roadmaster Granite Peak Women’s Bike | Rugged Trails and Path Riding

top rated womens mountain bikesComing from a renowned company, this bike is dependable. It is a versatile bike that offers you excellent control. No matter where you are heading for the day, across the country over rocky and bumpy roads or for an adventure with your friends in the hills, this bike can be the perfect ride.

Main features of Roadmaster Granite Peak

This women’s 26″ bike is easy to assemble and will prove to be a smooth ride no matter how rough your terrain is. The suspension fork gives you ample balance when there’s a sudden irregularity in the road. The brakes, wheels, gears and SRAM shifters give you ease in handling the bike. Both this women-specific bike and the former Diamondback don’t have disc brakes, which make them stand shoulder to shoulder, but this one gives you more control with other top-notch features. The Diamondback has wider wheels though, which gives it an advantage. It’s a tough competition.

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• Steel frame
• Women-specific Geometry that’s compatible with mountain riding
• SRAM drive twist shifters for smooth gear shifting
• Alloy rim of wheels makes them sustainable and gives you good control on rougher terrains
• 3-piece mountain crank provides broad gear options
• Linear pull brakes make it easy to bring the bike to a halt
• Suspension fork for increased control on bumpy areas

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3. Mongoose Status 2.2 Women’s 26″ Wheel Mountain Bike

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If you are looking for an affordable and stable option, then this Mongoose women’s bike is the right choice. It has many high-end features in its arsenal. However, comfort and easy assembly are two features that this one isn’t a pro at. Hence, the Diamondback bike and the Roadmaster one have points over it in this regard.

Main features of Mongoose Womens Bike

This Mongoose women’s bike has a cute design that people would admire. It can handle uneven roads, and its full suspension system with 110 mm rear travel gives it points over the two mountain bikes discussed above as this system provides more safety to the rider in case of sudden bumps. The aluminum frame makes it a sturdy and lightweight bike that can withstand weather conditions, and its 26-inch wide tires with alloy rims give a comfortable ride.

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• Lightweight Aluminum frame that’s resistant to wear and tear
• 26-inch tires with alloy rims
• Dual suspension (Front and Rear suspension) system with an element suspension fork
• MTB derailleur in front combined with Shimano TZ-30 derailleur in the rear makes the bike one that can handle tough terrains
• SRAM MRX twist shifters with 21 speed setup make it easy to shift gears precisely

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4. Schwinn Women’s High Timber Mountain Bicycle

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This is an incredible option that is durable and performs very well. It is specially designed for women who are of a particular height. The small frame of the bike makes it a no-go for tall women, but if you are a teen or one with a smaller body, this bike from Schwinn can be a reasonably-priced choice to get a smooth bike ride.

Main features of Schwinn Women’s Mountain Bike

This Schwinn women’s mountain bike has many exciting features such as a suspension fork, linear brakes that make it easy to manage, and alloy rims and crank that make for a comfortable riding experience. The bike isn’t comfortable, though, which makes the Diamondback and Roadmaster win over it. Since it is specially designed keeping in mind the delicate frame of a small woman, this makes it useful for only a particular customer range. However, it is still one of the best Schwinn women bikes.

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• Mountain frame with a suspension fork
• Twist shifters along with 21-speed rear derailleur for quick and hassle-free gear shifting
• Linear brakes for precise stopping
• Alloy rims for a trouble-free riding experience
• Alloy crank provides prime gearing and is low maintenance

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Overall, all these top-rated women’s mountain bikes are all fantastic options for the female rider. Of these, the winner is Diamondback’s Laurito Hardtail Complete Mountain Bike. The next best among these women’s mountain bikes is Roadmaster Granite Peak. Then comes Mongoose Status 2.2 and last but not the least stands Schwinn Women’s High Timber Mountain Bicycle. However, which one you choose to get depends on your preference and needs.

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